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Ideas for Creating Wedding Bouquets Suitable for the Different Seasons


Summer Bouquets


Summer has an almost limitless number of ideas for bouquets. Life is blooming and at its fullest. Color vibrancy is definitely an option, and so is a more pastel palette if you would like a more muted tone. Pale pinks, yellows and cream colors with a hint of green make a pretty bouquet.


For splashy color, try bright purple tulips paired with white roses, green eustoma and blue ageratum. Bright orange lilies with blue irises, orange tinted roses and greenery is another vibrant option for summer weddings.


Wonderful Ideas for a Winter Wedding Bouquet


You don’t have to get the stereotypical white flowers with red berries bouquet of days gone past. Update your bridal bouquet by using silver and silvery green colors interspersed with white, ivory and very pale yellows. Eucalyptus leaves, artemisia, lamb’s ear (also known as Stachys) and dusty miller are perfect accents to use with white or ivory roses and narcissus. A silver satin ribbon or silvery mossy green ribbon will finish off the bouquet nicely. The winter bouquet is reminiscent of frost and purity combined.


Fall Bouquet Ideas


Although traditionally fall colors are orange, red, yellow and green, many vibrant colors can liven up a fall bouquet while staying appropriate. A splash of hot pink and deep purple, interspersed with dusty mauve and brown accents creates a striking but suitable bridal bouquet for the autumn.


Spring time Wedding Bouquets


Life is bursting in the spring, and so can your flowers. There are so many color directions you can go it. From combinations of pink and white, to yellow with green and white, to baby and sky blues mixed with greenery, you have so many options to choose from.


A cluster of different colored pale pastel tulips is gorgeous; a sphere of white lilies creates an interesting texture; and fuchsia colored lilies paired with white roses and dangling ivy greenery makes a statement.


Because so many colors are prevalent in nature in the spring, you can also go with colors which are typically from another season.


Try a combination of orange tulips mixed with light lime green foliage and flowers such as green viburnum to create a life affirming and stimulating display.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 25 March 2009 )
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