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Which White to Choose for a Wedding Gown

Many Shades of White Available for Wedding Dresses. How to Choose a White Wedding Dress Color.

White is white, right? Think again. When shopping for wedding dresses, you’ll quickly find out that there are a huge number of different shades of white, and each one with their own qualities.

Hundreds of Different White Color Wedding Dresses

Once you visit a dress shop, you’ll really notice the white colors of the wedding gowns differ slightly. As they are placed side by side, you will see the slight variations more clearly.

How to Choose a White

There are two main directions to go when deciding on a shade of white for your wedding gown. The first is to choose one that compliments your skin tone. The second is personal preference. Settle on a balance between the two to find something that will both please you and look good on you at the same time.

White vs. Skin Tone

Some colors of white will bring out the best in your skin tone. Others may make you look washed out. There are some general guidelines to follow when looking for the perfect white.

Olive or tanned skin looks good with champagne shades or off-white shades. Light skin works with yellow undertones of ivory. If you have some pink to your skin, look for creamy tones of white.

Personal Preference

There are some people who just do not like yellowish ivory colors; and others who detest pure white. Don’t buy something you will hate just because it makes your skin glow. Decide on some general shades you like, and then narrow down the choices to ones that help your skin to look even and healthy. Chances are you will be glowing on your special day; and your dress color can help you to look even better.

Some Examples of White Wedding Dress Tones:

Diamond white
Pure white
Ivory Pearl
White silver

Last Updated ( Thursday, 26 March 2009 )
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