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Wedding Train Length

The Length of a Wedding Train is a Personal Choice, but Become Educated to the Pros and Cons of Each Type


Once you have decided to include a train with your wedding ensemble, the next question to ask is “how long would I like it”? The emphasis is really on the word ‘I’, because train length is very much a personal choice.




Long trains definitely add drama, but there are many considerations to make if you go with a long length wedding dress train.


Wedding trains are mostly meant to make an impression during the wedding ceremony. Once the ceremony is over, the train usually follows one of two rules of thumb – it is completely detachable or it can be bustled onto the bodice of the dress.


Detachable Wedding Dress Trains


A detachable train is a good option for long trains because the bride is unimpeded by the extra material during the dinner and reception. She makes her statement at the ceremony and can then unload the train and show off the dress alone. Not all trains are detachable, so if you would like this option, be sure to enquire about it before purchasing a dress.


Bustled Wedding Dress Trains


The other option is to have a permanently attached train which can be bustled onto the bodice. Bustling allows the material to be kept in place and allow the bride a fairly free range of motion while walking, dancing, etc. Bustling can cause some issues if there is a substantial amount of material to be gathered and tamed.


Make sure to experiment with the bustling on all dresses you try on. Bustle the train on each one and view from all angles to make sure the dress still looks acceptable. Considering that the bride will spend an average of one hour at the ceremony, but four to ten hours at the dinner and reception, it is important to think about how the bustled train will look and act during the entire night.


Help During the Ceremony


Another important consideration is the specifics of how much help the bride will need with the train. If the train is over 4 feet, you will need help in maneuvering around. The last thing any bride wants during her wedding is to be fumbling with her dress. Be realistic and enlist the help of bridesmaids, flower girls or other people to help. Make sure to practice so that your movements are as graceful as they should be on this important day and night.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 18 March 2009 )
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