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Let your Personality Shine through Via your Wedding Dress

This is YOUR special day, so when choosing a wedding dress, make sure to pick something that is a reflection of who YOU are, not what you think other people are expecting.

Shopping can be a bit intimidating, especially when consultants are showing you dresses that may be way over the top for you, but everyone else seems to love them. You may feel at times that you ‘should’ pick a much more fussy dress than you would ever usually consider. But it is so important to stick with a style that you feel comfortable and beautiful in.

Many aspects of a wedding are give-and-take for the bride when there are in-laws and parents to please. But a wedding dress is one item which should always be the bride’s personal decision. We’re not saying that a bride shouldn’t get help in dress shopping, or that a bride shouldn’t ask for advice. It is important to get other people’s opinions that are close to you. But don’t let their advice sway you to buy something you don’t love.

Make Sure it Fits and Suits your Body Type

It is one thing to love the dresses you see in catalogues and on runway models, but in the real world, some of those dresses just won’t work with particular body types.

Although you may love drop waist dresses, if you are on the petite side, stay away because they will make your legs look insignificant. If you have an apple shaped body, don’t consider trumpet style dresses because they will draw attention to the widest part of your body. When at wedding dress shops, ask the consultant to direct you to the styles which will compliment your body to the fullest.

Highlight the Parts of your Body you Like

Be aware that certain dresses will call attention to body parts. Make sure you are comfortable with the situation before considering that type of dress. For example, you may be drawn to spaghetti straps, but if you don’t like your arms, you may feel self conscious throughout the night. So draw attention to the areas you like, and play down the parts you would rather not spotlight.

Doing some realistic thinking about your bridal dress before you hit the shops can help you to know what direction to go in once you are ready for the stores.

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Last Updated ( Friday, 03 April 2009 )
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