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Modest Wedding Dress with Corset

Modest Wedding Dress Styles with Corset Tops

Corset style wedding dresses have a form fitting top area which is similar to corset lingerie. The dress style gives a fairy tale shape to wedding dresses where the corset top is snug while the skirt area flows outwards.

Modest Styling

Many modest looking corset wedding dresses are available which are form fitting but look elegant rather than overly revealing. Look for more modest styles with straps rather than shoulder-less varieties. The strap area helps make the dress look more formal and traditional, while the form fitting waist area is still flattering and feminine.

Karelina Sposa is one designer who incorporates corset bodices into many of her wedding dresses beautifully. Her lace detailing transforms dresses into works of art.

Modest Strapless Corseted Wedding Dresses

Strapless corset topped wedding dresses can still have a modest look to them, especially if paired with a shawl or tailored jacket. For more modest strapless styles, look for straight cut tops rather than ones with a heart shape. The straight cut top creates a wonderful shoulder and neck area without overly accentuating the bust.

Even though corsets are mainly known as a piece of sensual lingerie, it is very possible to have a modest looking corset topped wedding dress which will wonderfully fit into elegant or traditional weddings.

Last Updated ( Monday, 13 April 2009 )
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