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Wedding Dress Tips - How to Begin Choosing an Appropriate Style of Wedding Gown You'll Love for the Season and Type of Event

Even before you go shopping, you can start thinking about your wedding dress and begin heading in a general direction of what type and styles you prefer. Here are some tips for choosing a wedding dress for your special day.

Season/Temperature of your Wedding Day

As soon as you solidify your wedding date, you can start thinking about dresses. Time of year and the location of your ceremony and reception will play a big part in your dress choices. In winter, if you live in a cold climate, you may want to stay away from skimpy and thin varieties such as slip-dresses. As nice as they may look, think about how you will feel wearing next to nothing all day and night with a chill in the air. If you opt for something sleeveless or shoulder-less, also shop for a matching jacket or sweater that will look great with your dress if you get chilly and want to cover up a bit. In case you want to wear the cover for most of the reception, make sure you get something you really like and goes beautifully with your dress.

For warmer climates, also consider the weather conditions of your location. For a beach or very humid climate, choose a material that will be both cool and that will still look great in the humidity rather than stick to your skin.

If you will be outdoors, don’t choose a dress with light weight layers that can be kicked up by a breeze. The last thing you want is your dress in your face during the ceremony.

Spend a bit of time thinking about your particular conditions with regards to dresses.

Formal Wedding Dresses vs Informal

The set-up of your ceremony may dictate some further decisions about your dress. If you are getting married at a beach house or at a relatively informal location such as at city hall, you may want to avoid long trains. The formality just isn’t appropriate, and a long train will be cumbersome.

Alternatively, if you have a large church wedding with a black tie reception, a casual and pared down dress may leave you feeling out of place.

Dress Length

The length of the dress should be considered if you will be in a location that is outdoors or with a messy walking area. For example, if you will be on a grassy plain for long periods of time, long length dresses may become stained. If your reception is in an area with pavement or dusty floors, you will end up with ‘ring around the dress’ at the bottom. Choose a short enough length dress so there will be no dragging on the ground. If you really want a long train for the ceremony, make sure it is removable so you can take if off during the reception.

A little bit of wedding planning will go a long way, whether it is in regards to the event itself or the dress. The more planning ahead, the less stress and the more satisfied you may be with the results.

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Last Updated ( Friday, 10 April 2009 )
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