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Who Chooses the Style and Color of the Bridesmaid Dresses?

Dresses for the bridesmaids contribute to the overall look of the wedding. Dresses are often color and style coordinated to match many other elements of the wedding such as flowers and other décor pieces.

As a result, the bride and sometimes the parents of the bride and groom are instrumental in making many decisions related to the dresses. Bridesmaids are not usually able to pick out just any dress they would like.

Brides will sometimes consult with her brides maids and give them some say in the style, if not the color of the dresses. This can be beneficial to bridesmaids getting a dress they feel suits them. If each bridesmaid has a very different sense of style, however, the decision process can be long and some butting of heads may occur.

Give and take is essential to the process, and the brides maids need to remember the goal of the event is to support the bride, and not bicker between themselves about the look of the dresses. Ultimately the decision of the dresses is the bride’s, so don’t be surprised if some choices are vetoed.

Who Pays for the Dresses?

 It is an honor to be chosen to be a bridesmaid for a close friend. It is important to realize the duties, responsibilities and costs when committing to such a task. The bridesmaid is often expected to pay for both her dress and shoes for the event, and occasionally even for the accessories.

Sometimes the bride and groom or the parents of the bride and/or groom will decide to pay for the dresses. This can be a great help financially for the bridesmaids, but can also mean some loss of say in the dress decision making. If the dresses are being provided free of charge, it may be expected that the bridesmaids accept the choice of dresses without input.

Bridesmaids Choose the Style of Dress

A new trend emerging has the bride pick out the color of the dress, and the bridesmaids are allowed to choose any style of dress in that color. This course of action keeps the overall look of the wedding party cohesive, but allows the bridesmaids to choose a style which they feel comfortable in.

Dress Styles

In the past, dresses for bridesmaids used to be very formal and elaborate. Puffy sleeves were common and satin was one of the standard materials. Today there are so many possibilities. From sleek and contemporary style dresses to elegant pant suits, the sky is the limit. Brides and her chosen maids can be creative and expressive. 

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Last Updated ( Monday, 27 April 2009 )
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