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A Beautiful and Unique Bridal Purse is Important

Along with other accessories, a bridal purse is an important part of the wedding dress ensemble.  A unique and personalized wedding purse helps add to the overall look of the bridal outfit.

Why Should the Bride have a Purse?

The same reasons for having a regular purse apply with regards to a bridal variety of purse: to hold personal items needed for the day. Tissues are definitely an important item to carry on such an emotional day, along with some make up if touch-ups are needed. A small mirror is a handy item for the bride to use to check on her looks during times when a bathroom mirror is not accessible; times such as during wedding photos, before the ceremony and while traveling from the ceremony to the reception.


Much thought goes into wedding gowns, veils and shoes. The purse is often an afterthought. But matching the wedding purse to the gown is important to completing the whole outfit. Look for a unique design that matches the personality of the bride. Many bridal boutiques will carry purses to match a variety of their dresses. A few of the factors to match:


A purse for the bride doesn’t necessarily have to be made by the same designer as the dress, although it can be easier to match the fabric and styling if it is. Certain wedding dress designers have a unique style which can be difficult to match to a different brand of purses.

Even though a purse for the bride is important, she seldom carries it during her wedding day. The day is full of tasks and events. Often the job of holding the bride’s purse goes to a bridesmaid, the mother or mother-in-law of the bride. The purse remains handy but does not become a burden to the bride.

Personalized Bridal Purses

Take things one step further by personalizing the bridal purse. There are several ways to go about this. Many brides choose to have their initials embroidered or monogrammed on the purse. Remember to have the married initials used to personalize, not the maiden name.


Generally, most of the wedding photos do not include the bride wearing the purse. There may be a few instances where it can be appropriate and even desired: photos of the couple getting ready to leave the reception for their honeymoon, for example, or an outdoor picture of the wedding party and family outside after the wedding.

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 06 May 2009 )
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