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Does buying a brand name designer wedding dress guarantee good quality?

Brands are a way to build a name and reputation based on the popularity of the style and quality of the dresses. Although a brand name doesn’t guarantee anything, it generally indicates that the company has been experienced in designing and making wedding dresses for long enough to be recognized as a worthwhile name. Designers get recognized for their styling talents


What if I find a dress that I love but it isn’t a recognizable brand?

If you are hesitant to buy a wedding gown that doesn’t have a major name label, do a bit of research into the company. The internet is a fantastic resource for digging into the past history of a company.


Website: Most companies who are serious about their dresses will have at least a small website. If the company has no website at all, do some more research.


Ask the dress store: Ask your attendant how long they have been carrying the label. Ask about the satisfaction of previous customers, and if they have had many problems with seams, zippers, etc. If an attendant senses hesitation and they truly believe in the label, chances are they will start talking about its past record. If they have any hesitations about it themselves, they will most likely steer you in a different direction. They usually get an idea of how the lesser known ones compare to the designer wedding dresses.


Names of Some Popular Brands of Wedding Gowns


The choices are many, but here are some wedding dress brand name labels to get you started:


  • Alfred Angelo
  • Allure 
  • Alyce 
  • Amelie
  • Bonny 
  • Casablanca Bridal Dresses
  • Christina Wu
  • Davinci
  • Dere Kiang
  • Eden 
  • Ella Rosa 
  • Eternity 
  • Forever Yours 
  • Impression Couture
  • Joli
  • Kathryn La'Croix 
  • Landa
  • La Richi
  • Mia Solano
  • Modest 
  • Moonlight 
  • Mori Lee
  • Private Label By G
  • Raylia
  • Sacred Occasions
  • Symphony
  • Venus
  • Watters & Watters Wedding Gowns


Most women find that they like the general style of a particular brand. If you like the style of a particular wedding dress but it’s not quite perfect, have a look at a variety of dresses by the label. Chances are you’ll find more dresses you like, and you may just find ‘the one.’


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 06 May 2009 )
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