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Unique Ideas to Create Wonderful Wedding Centerpieces


Looking for something out of the ordinary for your wedding centerpieces? Here are some great ideas to consider:


Fish Centerpieces


One truly alive centerpiece idea is a fish bowl. Not an ordinary boring fish bowl, however, but a beautifully shaped glass bowl holding beautiful fish. Betta fish (also known as Japanese Fighting Fish) are a great choice because they can live in a bowl full of water quite comfortably for relatively long periods of time. Just DON’T put more than one in a bowl – they aren’t called fighting fish for nothing.


If you desire more than one per bowl, goldfish look beautiful, and multiple fish can be placed together. If you have enough children attending, you might want to give the fish as gifts to the kids at the end of the evening. Otherwise call around to local pet stores, some will ‘rent’ out fish for the weekend.


Flower Bulbs


Springtime weddings are the perfect time to have a bulb arrangement on your wedding tables. Picture an elegant plant pot sprouting with gorgeous tulips, daffodils, crocuses or baby irises. Worried about the dirt? Cover it up with bunched up festive taffeta or plastic straw in a complimentary color to your décor.


Make it Personal


Rather than choose a centerpiece for beauty alone, many incorporate elements of their personality and tastes into the creation. For example, if you love chocolate, consider making a dark brown themed piece along with real chocolate. A brown plate with a variety of your favorite chocolates scattered on it, and a dark brown pillar candle in the center makes a stunning and interesting center piece.


Floating Candles


Candles are a very traditional centerpiece theme. Take things to the next level by using floating candles. There are a myriad of types of arrangements you can use. A large bowl with many floating candles looks beautiful while adding subtle light to the table. Add some flower petals to the water to add further beauty. Or use a conglomerate of several smaller bowls or tall containers together, each filled with water and floating a single candle.


Fruit Centerpieces


Colorful fruits make a bold statement and add natural beauty to the table. A very simple centerpiece can be created by putting fruit in a tall, clear glass vase container. Lemons, limes, oranges and apples are all good candidates to use.


Enhance Flowers with Fruit


Instead of using a large floral arrangement, you can pare down the number of flowers by making the vase itself more interesting. Use a few striking flowers in a clear vase in water. Put a large number of cut lemon slices in the water. This adds color and brightness and much interest to the piece. Other fruit such as grapes, lime slices or cranberries make good additions. Choose a fruit which compliments and enhances the color of your flowers.


Make Dessert Part of the Centerpiece


The table space can serve double duty. Place a colorful dessert item such as chocolate dipped strawberries on a tall, tiered serving platter. Not only will the table become more beautiful, your guests can enjoy a tasty treat whenever they are finished their meal. If you would still like flowers as part of the centerpiece, you can reserve the bottom tier for a floral arrangement and use the uppers for the treats.


As you can see, centerpieces don’t necessarily have to be boring. They can be as diverse or creative as you would like. Choose something that goes with your wedding colors and also with your personality.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 24 February 2009 )
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