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Hurricane Candles make Wonderful Wedding Centerpieces Because they are both Attractive and Safe


A hurricane candle on its own may not be very striking, but add a wreath of greenery and flowers around it and you instantly have a complex and interesting centerpiece. You can customize the wreath to suit the season of the wedding by altering the flowers and greenery used.


Calla Lily Hurricane Candle Centerpiece


An elegant calla lily wreath to go around the hurricane candle can be created by starting with a combination of broad leaves such as hostas, cedar tendrils, bunches of small white flowers and long, flat and thin green leaves. Distribute those evenly into a ring of florists green sponge to make the wreath very full looking. Insert 3 Calla lily flowers into one side of the wreath for a classy and beautiful accent. This type of centerpiece also works well on a smaller scale for winter dinner tables when entertaining.


Color of Candle


If you keep the colors of the wreath fairly neutral, such as the calla lily wreath mentioned above containing only shades of green and white, you can choose from a variety of candle colors to use in the hurricane holder. White is a classic color and is indisputably a good choice of candle color. Pretty much any other color of candle can work, so you can coordinate to match your wedding colors.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 19 March 2009 )
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