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Wonderful Centerpieces for Christmas Season Weddings 


Christmas is a wonderful time for a wedding. Not only is it a festive occasion, but the centerpiece design opportunities are many.


Ideas for Wedding Centerpiece Possibilities at Christmas:christmas_wedding_centerpiece.jpg


Candle Centerpieces


Candles go hand in hand with the Christmas season. There are so many ways to

incorporate candles into your centerpiece. An all candle centerpiece is an easy and striking way to decorate the table. Place different levels of pillar candles together on a plate or platter. The differing height levels add interest while lighting the area. Use all one color for a classic look, different shades of one color for increased variation, or combinations of colors for a more vibrant look. Colors which work well are red, green, white, silver and/or gold.


Add a little more interest to the arrangement by adding low level decorations such as pine boughs, holly, silver bells, cranberries or pine cones around the bottom of the candles.


Pillar Candles and Flowers Combined


A single large pillar candle looks beautiful surrounded by a low arrangement of flowers and evergreen boughs. We love Christmas for the beautiful colors which go so well with weddings. Red roses and evergreen boughs look stunning together, and the textures are very complimentary.


Taper Candle and Flowers Combined


The same type of centerpiece can be created with a single taper candle in the center. The tall, thin taper adds height to the arrangement.


Wreaths and Candles


Without any effort, pair a wreath with a candle for a wonderful table adornment. Simply place a pillar candle in the middle of the table and center a wreath around it. Any type of candle can be used in the center: votive, taper, floating candle in a tall glass container, pillar, hurricane lamp with a candle, etc.


Christmas Ornaments

Create a very easy Christmas centerpiece by placing colored, round ornaments into a bowl or vase. Try silver, red and white ornaments in a white bowl. This looks stunning on a white, red or tartan (with red, green and white) table cloth. Experiment with different color combinations to see what works well for with your wedding reception décor.




Ribbons are another easy way to make your centerpiece wonderful. Whether they are incorporated with a flower arrangement, or used on their own, they add a rich and flowing touch. For a quick fix, you can tie a ribbon to the bottom of a pillar candle.


Add a bow made out of ribbon to wreath style arrangements for more depth and interest.



Last Updated ( Tuesday, 24 February 2009 )
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