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Calla Lilies Make Elegant Wedding Centerpieces


Calla lilies are popular flowers for winter and spring weddings. They are a versatile flower which can be used for both bouquets and wedding centerpieces alike. Many creative and beautiful calla lily wedding centerpieces can be created to suit a variety of wedding themes.


Calla lilies work well in both tall centerpieces and short ones. When planning your reception tables, decide on the height you would like your centerpieces to be before thinking about arrangement possibilities. Some table settings work better with taller pieces and some work better with shorter. Personal preference also comes into play when choosing the height.


Tall Calla Lily Centerpieces


Because the lilies have a durable and long stem, they can be used in many tall centerpiece arrangements. A gorgeous arrangement can be made with four tall calla lilies. Leave the stems very long (the tallest one can be around 2 feet high) but stagger the height of the four slightly.


Arrange them in a vase with a relatively small neck size to keep them grouped together, but with a large and heavy enough base to support the weight of the flowers. Add some tall thin green leaves bent over with the ends tucked into the vase for some tall greenery, and some wider shorter leaves closer to the neck of the vase to add some interest.


Short Centerpieces


Calla lilies can be used in beautiful low level centerpieces. A hurricane candle and holder in the center of a wreath of greenery is beautiful, but even more beautiful with calla lilies as accents in the wreath. Or skip the candle in the center, and make a cluster of the lilies as the central focal point.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 08 March 2009 )
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