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Cakes make Gorgeous Centerpieces at Wedding Reception Tables


A special, elaborately decorated main wedding cake is customary to have at most North American weddings. But a new trend is emerging that puts cakes on all of the tables at the reception, not just the main cake display table.

Cake Centerpieces


Instead of flowers or candles as a centerpiece, consider having a specially decorated cake at each table of your reception. Cake and weddings go hand in hand, and they make beautiful displays, as well, it is a wonderfully social way to feed your guests dessert after the meal.



You don’t want the look of these reception table cakes to compete with your main wedding cake. They should be attractive, but not as detailed or large as the main cake. Make the size of the cake large enough to generously feed the number of people at the table. Table seating for a reception generally ranges between four and ten people.

One definite advantage of having cake wedding centerpieces at each table is that your main, highly decorated (and expensive) wedding cake can be smaller. Because your guests will be mainly eating the cake at their table, you can point more of your budget towards the intricate decorating of the smaller main cake. One idea is you can use the main cake to serve the head table, while the rest of the guests eat the cakes at their tables.


Guests will most likely react to the cakes with surprise and admiration. It creates a conversation piece to discuss which can help break the ice with any guests who do not know each other well. At the time of serving, guests can help themselves to the cake, which is a fun and delicious task.

Consider having a small note next to the cake saying something like: “Please help yourself after the main course meal has been finished” to prevent any early snacking from taking place.

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 26 March 2009 )
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