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Ideas for Wedding Toppers for the Cake: Many Types of Toppers to Suit Any Type of Wedding


Traditionally, a classic figurine of a bride and groom was pretty much the only wedding cake topper to choose from. Times have changed, and the possibilities have really opened up for some creativity. Below are many wedding cake topper ideas to help you find something just right.


Comical Wedding Toppers


If you do want to have groom and bride figurines, but you want something a little less serious, many humorous figurine wedding toppers are available. These have the couple dressed in traditional wedding attire, but their stances make people smile.


Some examples are:


  • the bride has a fishing pole and has ‘hooked’ the groom
  • the bride and groom are kissing, but the bride has her legs wrapped around the groom’s waist
  • the bride looks like she is running away, but the groom is standing on her veil


Custom Caricature Toppers


For something all out with a humorous theme, consider ordering caricature wedding toppers that look like the bride and groom. Microdwarf.com will create personalized caricature figurines from photos sent to them.


Wedding Cake Decorative Crown Toppers


A beautiful way to top your cake is with a ‘crown’ topper. Picture a delicately intricate object that does indeed look like a crown or tiara. Just as a crown makes a majestic statement on someone’s head, so do these specialized cake crowns make the cake look majestic and special.


Fresh Flowers


A very popular cake topper these days is fresh flowers. Flowers are such a wonderful symbol of life and beauty, and they truly make a wedding cake special. The vibrant colors and textures of fresh flowers help make the cake stand out. Some popular flower choices are:


  • roses (always a popular choice)
  • gerberas
  • calla lilies
  • irises
  • daffodils


Just about any flower can be used, however make sure the flowers are not toxic before using directly on a cake which will be eaten by guests. Many cakes have a cascade of flowers starting from the top, where a flower topper arrangement sits, to the bottom. The flow of flowers makes an eye catching display.


Wedding Cake ‘Sprays’


Cake spray toppers, which are also known as cake stems, have multiple protrusions in arc shapes coming from a central area. There are often crystals, rhinestones or other decorative items which dangle from each ‘spray’ or ‘stem’. The result is a festive display for the top of the cake.

Decoratingstudio.com has many unique and interesting toppers for sale online, including many of the ones mentioned above.

Last Updated ( Friday, 20 March 2009 )
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