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choosing-wedding-cake-recipes.jpgDecide on Your Cake Type Before Looking for Recipes for your Wedding Cake


Finding a recipe for a wedding cake depends entirely on the type of cake you are thinking of making. Decades ago, wedding cakes were more predictable. Nowadays, the sky’s the limit as far as type of cake, shape of cake and ingredients.


Decide on the direction you’d like to go in before doing any research on wedding cake recipes. A few factors need to be decided on early, such as whether you cake will be tiered or a slab (sheet) cake, and what flavor of cake you would like.


White Wedding Cakes


One of the more popular wedding cakes types remains a very traditional white cake. Because pure, white wedding icing remains popular, white cakes makes sense for ease of icing.


Once you’ve decided on white, you’ll need to decide on a texture direction. Would you like a light, spongy cake or one that is more dense and rich? If you are tiering the cake by putting one layer directly onto another layer, you’ll need a fairly dense cake to work with. Look for a recipe that produces cake with firm texture and is not crumbly.


Having a tiered cake creates a dramatic showstopper, but it also creates many issues if you are making the cake yourself. Taking the time to create something really special may be worth it, but some trial and error may be necessary to produce something you are truly proud of.


Make sure you try out all recipes well ahead of time to ensure good results.


Chocolate Wedding Cake Recipes


As modern ingredients and methods for making cakes improve, so do the varieties of cakes possible. Chocolate cakes at weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Chocolate is decadent and rich, and many couples wish to provide guests with tasty food they will remember, especially the final dish of the meal.


Decide on the density of cake you would like to serve. Dense, rich cakes are delicious but may not provide the layer height you wish for. Lighter cakes may provide the height you are looking for, but not the richness. Find a recipe with a happy medium if you want a rich cake with some height.


Combined White and Chocolate Cake


The best of both worlds can be had with a layered cake with one white layer and one chocolate layer. Having the white cake layer on the top makes it less problematic to ice with white icing.


Wedding Cup Cakes


An interesting option for anyone who is making their own wedding cake is to consider having wedding cup cakes. Cupcakes are easier to make and decorate extravagantly without as much skill and risk. Many types of cake recipes can be used for cup cakes – from light and fluffy to dense and rich.


You can create an eye catching arrangement by using a three or more tiered platter to place the wedding cupcakes on. Serving is a cinch too; simply place a cupcake on a plate, or allow your guests to help themselves.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 03 March 2009 )
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