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How to Cut the Wedding Cake…If you Decide you Want to

Traditional weddings usually have a cake cutting where the bride and groom ceremoniously cut the first piece of the wedding cake together. Is it absolutely necessary to have a cake cutting at the reception? The answer is no.

The choice is ultimately up to the couple. Weddings have evolved over the last few decades. Although cake cutting ceremonies are definitely part of tradition, there is a lot more freedom over events at the reception. Some weddings don’t even have a traditional wedding cake. Cupcake wedding cakes are popular, as are dessert bars and ice cream sundae bars.

Wedding Cake Cutting Symbolism

The tradition of cutting the wedding cake was symbolic of the first job that the couple would do together. It is a classic photo opportunity for both the official wedding photographer and the guests. Also, the honor of cutting into such a beautiful and elaborate cake is usually given to the couple rather than undertaken by an unknown reception staff member. Whether it is a slab style wedding cake or a many tiered cake, the cutting of the first piece is a beautifully symbolic gesture.

How to Cut the First Piece of Wedding Cake

Often the cutting takes place something like the following: the bride and groom will both hold onto the knife, usually with the bride holding the knife handle first and the groom placing his hand over top of hers. They then place the knife just above where they are going to make the first cut, and then they pause for a minute to give everyone the opportunity to take photos, usually smiling at the cameras. After all photos are snapped, they cut through with the knife. A great deal of applauding usually takes place. They then cut the first piece of cake and place it on a plate. Often the groom will take some cake on his fork and offer it to his newly wed wife to taste first. The bride will do the same to her new husband. Feeding each other is a very romantic gesture and is another great photographic opportunity.

If either the bride or groom are mischievous in any way, while they are feeding each other the cake, a few ‘slips’ might occur, getting icing and cake on the other’s face. This can potentially escalate into a minor food fight, but all in good fun and the couple and guests alike get a good laugh.

Cutting the cake is a wonderful way to set the mood before dessert. However if your plans are different, there are definitely no obligations to have an official cake cutting ceremony at your wedding.

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 20 May 2009 )
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