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Delicious and Unique Flavors of Wedding Cakes are Dominating the Scene

For high end wedding cake choices, not only is attention to detail evident in the appearance of the cake, but also in its unique flavors. It’s a foodie’s dream come true!

Nowadays you can get as creative as you want with wedding cake fillings and flavors. In fact, unusual and unique flavors help add flare to the celebration, and reflect the personality of the couple.

Think Gourmet: Unique Flavor Combinations of Wedding Cake, Filling and Icing

The sky’s the limit when coming up with flavors. Inspiration can come from many places: a favorite fruit, a love of coffee, ethnic influences. Here are some examples of possible combinations to get you started:

blackberry buttermilk cake with citrus butter cream
mocha buttercream paired with hazelnut cake
coconut cake with white chocolate filling

Or you can mix and match cakes with fillings to arrive at a combination that both the bride and groom will love. Here are some flavors which are not seen everyday.

Unique Wedding Cake Flavors:

  • banana
  • pumpkin
  • lemon
  • chocolate cinnamon
  • orange poppyseed
  • apple
  • blackberry
  • hazelnut
  • coconut

Filling Flavors:


  • passionfruit
  • mango
  • Irish cream
  • peppermint
  • caramel
  • lime
  • lemon
  • citrus combo
  • ginger
  • white chocolate
  • mocha

Citrus flavored cakes are popular nowadays because the taste is bright and subtle but packs a memorable punch.

Cater to Everyone’s Taste

If you go with a highly unusual flavor, consider having a ‘kid-friendly’ cake on hand to serve to those who can’t quite connect with the taste.

This new trend adds some excitement to the otherwise predictable cake. Departing from standard white cake with white icing makes the event a little more interesting and a lot tastier.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 23 April 2009 )
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