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Sheet Style Wedding Cakes: Beautiful and Delicious

Traditional wedding cakes are often tall and multi-tiered, but sheet wedding cakes (also known as slab cakes) are a less expensive option that works very well too.


Sheet Means Flatsheet_cake.jpg


The term ‘sheet’ refers to the long and flat nature of these types of cakes. They are typically rectangular in shape and are large in area. Although less visually dramatic than tiered cakes, sheet cakes can be beautifully and appropriately decorated for a wedding reception.


Delicious Wedding Sheet Cake Flavors


Because there is only one level of cake, icing options and cake type options are diverse. Most tier cakes have a fondant icing, which looks great, but can be lacking in flavor. With a sheet cake, whipping cream icings, butter cream icings, chocolate mousse icings and many more varieties are viable options. What you may be sacrificing in looks, you can gain with delicious flavor.


If you are food connoisseurs, check out local bakeries known for delicious and high quality products. Many also make sheet style wedding cakes. You may be able to customize a cake for beauty and great taste.


Fake Tiered Cake for Display


Many couples choose to have a fake rental cake to display at their reception, but have a sheet cake to serve. Renting an imitation cake is much more economical than buying the real thing. You still achieve the impressive towering cake look, but it’s easier on the wallet.


Combination of Tiered and Slab Cake


Some couple choose to have both types at their reception: a small tiered cake for effect, and then a large sheet cake to serve to guests. This gives the best of both worlds.


Serving Costs


Remember to factor cake serving costs into your wedding budget. If you bring your own wedding cake rather than order it through your caterers, there will often be a serving cost based on number of slices.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 24 February 2009 )
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