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Save a Piece or Two of your Wedding Cake to Enjoy Later

Some couples practice the tradition of saving a piece or two of their wedding cake. On their first year anniversary, they can reminisce about their wedding over a slice of the actual wedding cake.

The practice is very sentimental, and is a great way to share a special moment with your spouse a year after the reception. Consider, of course, also taking out the wedding photo albums to go through while you eat the cake (or afterwards to protect the photos if you are sloppy eaters!)

How to Freeze Slices of Wedding Cake

Saving the wedding cake is usually done by freezing the slices. Because the cake will be frozen for a year, it is important to take care to protect the slices well against freezer burn or absorbing odors. In order to preserve the shape of the cake, put the slice or slices on a plate or pan and place in the freezer for a few hours. Take off any plastic or otherwise un-edible decorations beforehand.

Once everything is good and hard, wrap each piece of cake individually with plastic wrap. It is wise to use several layers to protect it well. Next, wrap each slice tightly with aluminum foil. Go one step further and place the wrapped pieces of wedding cake into a plastic freezer bag. Place in an area of the freezer where it won’t get bumped or damaged. To ensure no damage will occur, you can also place the freezer bag into a hard sided container if you have room in your freezer. It’s a good idea to label the bag or box to remind you the pieces are there.

Enjoy in a Year

In order for the frozen wedding cake pieces to properly thaw, take out of the freezer and place in the refrigerator several days before your anniversary. Don’t take the pieces out of the bag; leave everything wrapped tightly. As they slowly thaw in the fridge, the moisture should evenly distribute so it will taste fairly moist.

If you have a lot of wedding cake left over at the end of the reception, consider freezing it all and making an event involving close family on your anniversary.

Don’t save the cake past one year. The quality will be compromised and will not be worth keeping.


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Last Updated ( Monday, 11 May 2009 )
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