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Choose an Approriate Wedding Cake for Beaches or Hot Weather Locations

If you are planning on having your wedding on a beach, or in a hot climate where there is little or no air conditioning, there are many considerations to take when ordering a wedding cake. Not all cakes will stand up well to heat. Some fare better than others. Planning ahead can help make your cake a splash, not a puddle.

Choose Heat Resistant Wedding Cake Filling and Icing

Some choices of fillings are definitely a no-no in hot weather. Mousse or curd fillings will not retain their shape in heat, and could cause a possible cake melt-down. Jam is a much better choice because it will not change in consistency much if at all during some heat.

Fondant icing stands up better than mousse in heat, although this depends on how the fondant is made. Buttercream icings are dicey. Everyone knows what happens to butter in the heat of summer, and the same can happen to the icing on your wedding cake. If you decide to choose a butter cream wedding cake icing, go for a combination of butter and shortening because it is holds up a bit better than butter alone.

Other Choices: Alternatives to a Wedding Cake

It is perfectly acceptable to break tradition and have other offerings besides a cake. Many other options will stand up to the heat much more successfully, and are delicious choices for guests.


Cupcakes are small and less likely to suffer the effects heat can have on a cake surrounded with icing and fillings. Cupcakes are also easier to keep in heat resistant containers, such as Styrofoam, until the time comes for serving. Wedding cupcakes can be decorated intricately so they still have a special appearance, even though they are individual pieces.


Wedding pies are very hardy against heat. Their lack of icing makes them a good candidate for outdoor and heat laden wedding receptions. Although you may not achieve an intricate appearance with pies, you can focus on making the flavors very special. Another advantage is the ability to have many different flavors available for guests to choose from.


Special wedding cookies are another option. Cookies are very hardy, although you may have to stay away from ingredients that will melt in heat and cause a mess, such as chocolate. Cookies for weddings can have special icing, can be in a special shape, and can even say something endearing or romatic.

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 29 April 2009 )
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