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Heart Wedding Cakes Still Have a Place in Modern Weddings


Hearts are always very meaningful at a wedding, but are heart-shaped cakes a little tacky?  Not so, but it all depends on the presentation and design of the heart cake itself. heart-shaped-layered-wedding-cake.jpg


Avoid too much pink or red


Pinks and reds are wonderful as accent colors on a wedding cake, but especially for heart cakes, avoid using too much of the colors. An excess of pink or red can turn an elegant and classic cake into a comical disaster. Weddings are very different occasions than Valentine’s Day. Leave the bright solid colors for the 14th of February.


It is Possible to Layer Heart Wedding Cakes


You are not limited to a single layer cake when considering a heart shape. Many beautiful layered and tiered cakes are made with hearts. A few styles:


  • Consecutively smaller heart cakes placed directly on top of one another
  • Heart layers separated by pillars or risers
  • Use cake stands with separated multiple tiers, each level holding a heart shaped cake


Combination of Round and Heart Shaped Layers


If you want a little heart, but not too much, consider using only one heart shaped cake in your layers. As you can see in the picture above, a single heart shaped layer on the top adds some style and flare on top of a normal round layer.


The symbolism of the heart strikes a chord with just about everyone. Because of its connection to strong, powerful and wonderful feelings, the heart is sure to be around at weddings for many more decades to come, in cakes, wedding invitations, reception decorations and more.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 12 March 2009 )
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