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Winterize your Wedding Cake


 We have recently viewed a winter wedding cake that truly takes the winter season and embodies it in a cake. The design is a surprisingly simple concept that makes a beautiful and striking cake which is very unique.


Icy Cake Delight


The cake consists of three rectangular cakes set directly on top of one another, and like most wedding cakes, they get progressively smaller to make a tiered effect. What makes the finish on this cake unique is the seeming appearance of ice crystals all over the cake.


Each layer’s perfectly smooth and angular icing is totally embedded with sugar crystals, which very much resemble ice crystals. Around the base of each layer is a trim of larger sugar crystals which resemble small chunks of ice.


Snowy, Wintery, Ice White Wedding Cake


The cake is completely white, from the icy looking icing to the finishing touches on the top. The top cake layer is adorned with a few white pine cones made from white chocolate, which are surrounded by sticks coated completely with sugar crystals.


If you are having problems visualizing what this cake looks like, imagine three giant rectangular sugar cubes sitting on top of each other. The texture of the outside is not unlike that of sugar cubes. But because the crystals of sugar that are pressed into the icing are fairly large, the effect is that of ice instead of sweet sugar.


It is amazing how such simple concepts can take one’s breath away. When thinking of ideas for a winter wedding cake, don’t necessarily become hooked on elaborate designs. Sometimes the simplest of ideas make the biggest impact.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 26 February 2009 )
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