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Small Elaborate Main Wedding with Slab Cake to Serve

If you want an elaborate and intricate looking wedding cake, but you have a limited budget and many guests, consider having a small decorative main cake plus a slab cake for serving. You can go all out on the decorations for the smaller cake to fulfill your dreams, since staying small will make elaborate decorating much more affordable. A plainly decorated slab cake for serving means cost savings to get everyone fed.

Some people can afford a huge, elaborate cake that will serve two hundred plus guests. That’s great! Hats off to them. For the rest of us, there are great ways to compromise to make everyone happy.

Smaller Intricate Wedding Cake

A smaller main cake means less cost goes towards the size, and more can go towards the decorations. It is great fun and very satisfying to get the cake of your dreams, even if it is in a small version. The small cake, after the cutting ceremony, can be used to serve the head table, while the slab cake is served to the rest of the reception crowd.

I truly believe that probably 99% of the adults at your reception will not care in the least that they are eating a slab wedding cake versus the main one. The exception for your guests will be the children. They will think it is totally cool to eat the neat looking cake. So consider including the kids to receive a piece – no matter how small – of the main cake, as well as a piece of the slab cake. You may just become their favorite Aunty/Uncle/friend, and the look on their faces as they specially receive a piece of both will be priceless.

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 09 April 2009 )
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