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Custom Designed Wedding Cakes Express Personality


With the advent of television shows such as ‘The Ace of Cakes’, and the airing of elaborate cake decorating competitions, more interest has been stirred up over custom  wedding cakes.


What are Custom Cakes?


While most traditional wedding cakes are made white and tiered, custom cakes break from tradition by having a completely different look. While some traditional elements may be incorporated into the cake, custom designs are generally unique and an excellent expression of the personalities of the bride and groom.


These cakes are meant to surprise and even perhaps shock guests as to its uniqueness. The sky is the limit as far as design goes.


Some examples of custom cakes:


Each couple is different, but here are some examples to get you started in thinking about the possibilities that will be right for you.


Car Lover’s Wedding Cake


The cake is in the shape of a car (typically the dream car of the groom and/or bride), and the cake is decorated so it looks like the groom is driving and the bride is in the passenger seat.


Wine Lover’s Cake


The cake is in the shape of a giant wine bottle. On the label, instead of the wine company’s information, the bride and groom’s name, wedding date, and some touching words are written. The wine bottle cake may be laying flat or it could be a high cake mimicking an upright bottle.


New House Cake


The cake is a replica of the couple’s new house and is symbolic of their future life together.


Symbols of How the Bride and Groom Met


Many couples have an interesting story of how they met. A cake can incorporate that theme into its design. Perhaps a replica of the street they met on, musical notes to represent how a mutual love of music brought them together or a favorite food that they shared the first time they met.


The beauty of custom designed cakes is the limitless of possibilities. Once you find a company who creates these types of unique wedding cakes, you can work closely with them to create a very special cake that is full of personal meaning.


While custom cakes can be expensive, a traditional tiered cake is also an expensive option. Costs can be comparable, but a custom made wedding cake will offer a very unique and memorable experience for the couple and guests alike.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 24 February 2009 )
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