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Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Try Wedding Cupcakes Instead of a Traditional Cake


Cupcake wedding cakes are a nice change of pace for both the bride and groom and guests alike. There are so many creative ways to ice and display the cupcakes for a wedding, you can let loose and have a lot of fun coming up with ideas.


Wedding Cupcakes Lower Costs


A major expense at any wedding is the cake. Wedding cupcakes are much less expensive than tiered, extravagantly decorated fondant cakes, and they can look equally as impressive.


Wedding Cup Cake Ideas


Imbeds in the Icing


A nice tall icing layer doesn’t have to be the final coating. Many interesting and delicious items can be pushed into the icing to create wonderful effects.


  • slivers or fans of chocolate (white, milk or dark chocolate or colored chocolate)
  • delicate cookies
  • heart candies or chocolates
  • truffle chocolates (for an extra decadent touch)
  • edible flowers
  • candied fruit
  • candy roses
  • tall sugar decorations


How to ‘Cut the Cupcake’


One tradition at North American weddings is the cutting of the cake. How does this tradition fit in with wedding cupcakes? There are several ways to proceed.


Turn the ‘Wedding Cake Cutting’ into a ‘Cupcake Cutting’


Guests will be expecting something to happen to cut the wedding ‘cake’. Take a mildly comical approach and do a cupcake cutting. The bride and groom can seem very serious as they approach the cupcake arrangement with a knife in hand. They both grasp the knife, as in traditional cuttings, and they cut a cupcake in half. Then they each eat half of the cup cake. Very sweet and very symbolic of the life they will share together.


Have a cupcake specially prepared for the cutting with the paper already removed. The last thing the bride and groom want to be doing is fumbling to remove cupcake paper.


Feeding the Cake to One another


A unique and very special way for the bride and groom to instigate cake-eating time is for each to take a cupcake in hand, and gently allow the other to take a bite. For example, the bride holds a cupcake and the groom holds a cupcake. Then bride holds her cupcake out to the groom to take a bite, and the groom holds out the cupcake for the bride to take a bite at the same time.


Not only is the gesture loving and gentle, but it is symbolic of the giving they will be doing in their future relationship. You can almost guarantee the guests will reward the gesture with an ‘awwwww’ and much clapping for how sweet it is.


Have some napkins close at hand to remove any stray icing that may get on the couple’s hands or face.


One of the Tiers can be a Cake


If you really want to incorporate cutting of a real cake, you can have a small cake on one of the tiers. Decorate the cake along similar lines as the cup cakes, and when it comes time to cut the cake, you can do so in the traditional manner. The cake can perhaps be served to the head table, while everyone else gets the cupcakes.


The top layer is the smallest and easiest to have as the ‘cake layer’.



Last Updated ( Tuesday, 24 February 2009 )
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