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Chocolate Wedding Cakes

Many Couple are Choosing to have a Chocolate Wedding Cake instead of White

Chocolate is a very viable option for wedding cakes. For those who love chocolate and want to incorporate it, the icing, cake and filling can all be chocolate without a problem.

Brown Wedding Cakes

Gone are the days when the wedding cake had to be white. Although white is a gorgeous color which is very appropriate for weddings, it’s great to have other options. A chocolate brown cake can be just as striking as white; in fact, it can be more appealing because of its association with being delicious. Get the best of both worlds by having a brown wedding cake with white accent icing and white decorations. White and brown go very well together. White chocolate is wonderful and delicious to use on brown icing.

Types of Chocolate Icing:

Butter Cream

Chocolate buttercream wedding cake icing is a popular choice. It is relatively easy to create a buttercream icing with chocolate in it, and the creamy taste is appreciated by many. It can be decorated fairly intricately by experienced decorators, and it looks simply delicious.

Chocolate Fondant Wedding Icing

For those wanting a smoother look, fondant icing be made with chocolate.

Chocolate fondant icing is a loose term – to some it means a traditional smooth icing like you would see on a white fondant cake, with chocolate or cocoa added to make it brown. To others it simply means a smooth finished icing.

A smooth finish can be created in many other ways besides the traditional method. Some recipes use marshmallows as part of the base, some use mainly high quality chocolate which creates a rich and chocolaty tasting coating. A glazed look is often produced from using a high chocolate content ‘fondant’ icing.

Decide on the kind of finish you would prefer to help choose a direction to go with the icing. Discuss the possible chocolate finishes available with your baker.

Marbled White and Chocolate Fondant Icing

A marbled fondant icing creates a very unique look for a wedding cake. Garnished with chocolate flowers, shavings or other shapes, a marbled icing creates a rich and decadent look.

White Chocolate Wedding Cake Icing

Have the appearance of a white icing but still sneak chocolate into it with white chocolate icings. Although purists might say white chocolate is not the same as the brown version, it is a delicious alternative which can achieve a pearly white color. Pair it with chocolate cake in the middle for a rich and tasty result.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 05 April 2009 )
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