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Buttercream Icing on Wedding Cakes can be Tasty and Beautiful 


Wedding cakes can be made and decorated with buttercream icing. Although designs are generally less intricately detailed than fondant varieties, buttercream cakes can be beautifully and tastefully designed. buttercream_wedding_cake.jpg


Great Tasting


A real advantage of butter cream as an icing is definitely taste. Fondant looks beautiful, but definitely lacks in the taste department. Especially if your guests are food connoisseurs, a rich, tasty icing will be appreciated. White, chocolate or other colors can be used as a base.


Creative Buttercream Designs


Many creatively designed cakes can be made using buttercream. Traditional cakes can be made with the icing as well, but you will be able to create lots of contemporary and artistic looks using it.


Contemporary Smooth Finish


Buttercream icing can achieve a very smooth finish, and can be used for square or rectangular contemporary designs. One example is to have three square cakes stacked on top of each other. The butter cream is smoothed to perfection and a decorative trim is put around the base of each of the three cakes. This simple concept creates an elegantly beautiful cake with classic lines. Add a cascade of fresh flowers from the top layer to the bottom layer and really make the display pop. Or dedicate the top layer to a beautiful flower bouquet arrangement such as can be seen in the picture above.


Buttercream Piping


Detailed designs can be created by piping buttercream icing onto a smoothly finished cake. Wedding cake decorators use similar methods as the cakes you see in the supermarket bakery, but the skill of the decorators is much higher. Dots, rosettes, leaves and swirls can accent a tiered cake beautifully. The addition of some colorful accents completes the cake and created a stunning product.


Swirls of Piped Icing


A simple but elegant cake can be created by piping swirls of white butter cream icing onto a 3 tiered cake with a white smooth buttercream base; a very simple concept with stunning results. The swirls can be the same color as the base coat or a contrasting color to stand out. The swirls can also be hand painted with edible gold paint to add an elegant and rich touch.


The possibilities are endless, and the look can be custom tailored to suit your personal tastes. Consider buttercream wedding cakes as a definite possibility when choosing a cake style.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 24 February 2009 )
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