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Bold Designs for Wedding Cakes are All the Rage

Pick up a wedding magazine and you may notice that many of the wedding cakes shown have large and bold designs. Although intricately detailed cakes are still popular, a bold and minimalist contemporary look has inched its way into the mainstream.

The key to a successfully bold cake is a very simple icing backdrop with large accents placed in beautifully arranged places. This can work with both formal and modern designs.

All White Fondant Triple Tier Cake with Sugar Paste Rose Accents – Formal Bold Style

Fondant icing works well for minimalist bold wedding cakes. Fondant icing can be made to be very smooth and uniform. A beautiful example of a simple, bold style is a cake with three tiers where each tier is covered with a smooth layer of fondant.

As is stands, the cake will look very plain. With just a few touches, it can be transformed into a work of art that will suit formal weddings wonderfully. Next, a white or clear ribbon is wrapped around the base of each tier. The ribbon adds an element of height and interest to the tiers.

Lastly, large roses made from sugar paste are placed strategically, one on each tier, and one or two are placed on the top.

Place the cake on a white, elevated base, and voila – you have an elegant and bold wedding cake suitable for both formal and semi-formal wedding receptions.

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 31 March 2009 )
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