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Tips for Finding the Perfect Place to Put the Wedding Cake at the Reception


The wedding cake is one of the major focal points of the reception. It is a symbol of the love and caring the bride and groom have for one another and of their future lives together. It is a work which much caring and thought has gone into, and it should be displayed in a place of prominence.


It cannot go just anywhere, however. Keeping the wedding cake safe and in one piece (until the cake cutting, of course) is a priority. The following suggestions can help you find the perfect place for the crowning glory of the reception.


Picture Perfect


Keep in mind that many photographs will be taken of the wedding cake; both with the bride and groom and by itself. To ensure the photos look great, try to avoid any non-photogenic objects from being in the background. Some halls and banquet rooms have items such as posters, fire extinguishers or signs on the walls. Avoid these backgrounds and choose a spot with clear walls.


Avoid Heat from the Sun


Wedding cake icing looks wonderful, and you should try to keep it that way. Sunlight from windows can easily create enough heat to melt some icing types. After all the time planning and all the labor put into making a beautiful cake, make sure to avoid sunny spots where it can be destroyed.


If your photographer brings bright lights help increase lighting for photos, make sure they don’t point them at the wedding cake for very long. These lights can be hot enough to do damage.


Away from Busy Foot Traffic


Other places to avoid are busy ones. Check where servers will be coming and going from the kitchen area. Stay clear of placing the cake anywhere near these corridors, or any path where many people may need to walk through. Don’t place it close to the dance floor either where stray dancers might knock against the table or cake.


Tucked Away Places


There needs to be a balance between placing the wedding cake in a tucked away place such as a corner or a nook, and in a visible place where everyone can easily admire the cake. Find a place that highlights the cake, yet keeps it out of harms way. And most of all, enjoy the beautiful cake to its fullest.


Last Updated ( Friday, 20 March 2009 )
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