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Can your dog be a part of your wedding celebration?

As pets play an increasingly important role in our lives, it is natural that people would want to start including them in important events, such as weddings. Including a pet such as a dog or a cat in a wedding depends on a lot of factors. Not every scenario will work with pets, but many can successfully.

Check with the Ceremony Site

Before you start planning your pooches walk down the aisle, check with your ceremony venue to see if they allow dogs in the area. Once you get the ok, arrange for one of your attendants to hold the leash during the formalities, in a location where it is easy to leave the room if necessary. They may have make a quick getaway if the pup gets loud or impatient. Also make sure you have everything needed to keep your dog comfortable: water in a bowl, food, paper towels, dog treats, etc.

Wedding Apparel for Dogs

Many accessories aimed at dog participation in weddings are available in specialty stores. Special leashes, dog bow ties and neck ties help spruce up your canine for the ceremony. If you are going to include your dog, why not make him/her look the part?

If you want to go all out, you can even purchase a dog tuxedo for the event! These adorable pieces have a cuff for around the neck which looks like a shirt collar with a bow tie, and material which covers the dog’s back which resembles a jacket. Some varieties even have tux tails to make the outfit more formal. These types of wedding dog shirts help make your pet involved and look the part.

Dog wedding veils, hair pieces and ‘dresses’ are also available to beautify female dogs.

Dog Ring Bearer at Wedding

A special ring pillow is available that can be attached to the dog’s back, so your dog can be the official ring bearer. It’s a great way to get your dog involved, and the kids and most guests at the event will agree it is an awfully sweet sight.

If you can’t find dog wedding clothing in your area, Doggieclothesline.com sells a large variety of wedding related clothing and accessories for dogs.

Dogs at the Wedding Reception

If the ceremony venue won’t allow dogs, talk to your reception location. Because food is often involved with receptions, many venues won’t allow for animals for the whole evening. But they may be ok with a short visit at the beginning of the reception to allow for some photos.

Plan ahead so you can enjoy having your dog involved, but you aren’t tied down with the details. You definitely don’t want to have any extra distractions on your special day than necessary. Look for a family member or friend to volunteer to bring ‘Spot’ to and from the wedding, and to deal with any problem situations which may arise.

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Last Updated ( Friday, 01 May 2009 )
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