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Locations to Have Your Wedding


Many weddings still take place in churches, but you are definitely not limited to a chapel ceremony. If you get married by a justice of the peace, officers in most areas are very flexible as to the ceremony’s whereabouts.


Religious Wedding Locations


Some religions will not permit you to have a wedding anywhere but in their churches. If you or your fiancé are religious and you want to have a ceremony within the traditions of the religion, be sure to ask if there are any other location possibilities permitted. If not, find out what kinds of decorating can be done in the church so you can start planning for the ceremony right away.


Unusual Wedding Locations


Some couples want to get married in a place where they have an emotional attachment. A favorite restaurant or a local museum or a lush outdoor park are examples of possibilities. With a little checking and planning, there are many unusual places it is possible to get married.


First, check with the venue to see if they will book a wedding ceremony. Next, find out all the dos and don’ts allowed. You may be surprised at some of the restrictions at certain places. Some museums might not allow flash photography. Some venues might have capacity restrictions. Make sure to cover all the questions you might have a head of time to avoid unwanted surprises.


Check into liability insurance. Although we all want our wedding to be fairytale and dreamy, there are realities which need to be covered in the real world. It is wise to get insurance if you are in a location where you will not be covered in case of an accident.


Vacation Weddings


If you prefer to get away, consider a destination wedding. Traveling is always an exciting proposition, and adds an element of excitement to a wedding ceremony.


Drawbacks to vacation wedding locations are: your guests might not want to travel, expenses are greater for all guests, and all the items needed for the wedding ceremony and reception will need to be packed to the location.


Check into the requirements of the area with regards to wedding licenses or any other needs for getting married.


At your Home


Getting married at your home is great for sentimental value and a homey atmosphere. It can really be very moving and special. Your wedding memories will be treasured and remembered every day.


But be prepared for a lot of possible extra work. You must plan to bring the items you would normally have included in a venue to your home. Your home must be clean and tidy, which is a task that most couples would rather avoid before their special day.


Wherever you decide to get married, be sure to cover all the angles. But most of all, cherish your special day to the fullest.

Last Updated ( Monday, 30 March 2009 )
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