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Wedding Invitation Themes

Types of Wedding Invitation Themes and Styles

Invitations can work well to reflect to guests the style of wedding you will be having. For example, if you are having a formal wedding, a formally styled invitation will give guests an indication of the tone of the wedding.


Formal invitations are fairly limited in creative options, but you can still tailor them to suit your liking. Heavy cardstock is typical of formal invitations, as well as detailing such as fine lines, embossing or imprinting. Stick to formal font types.

Semi-formal Invitations

Semi-formal weddings have some leeway as to the invitation design. Think of invitations with classic tailoring, but with some modern graphical elements. These look elegant with uncluttered appearance, but don’t necessarily say ‘tuxedo necessary’ when received. Font options are diverse for this type of invitation; you don’t have to stick to the traditionally formal ones. But don’t go for crazy or funky fonts or you will stray too much into the realm of casual.


Theme weddings

You can really have fun with theme wedding invitations. Portraying your theme is the key, so use fonts, design and image elements which exude the theme.

If you decide on invitations which reflect your personality more so than your wedding style, indicate in writing on the invitation what level of formality there will be, so guests will know what to expect. Here are some examples:

“Semi-formal attire is recommended.”
“Formal reception to follow ceremony.”
“Casual reception at the Elbow Room of the Hilton.”

Informal Wedding Invitations

For informal wedding gatherings, such as a ski wedding at a mountain lodge, a very casual looking invitation can be used.

Before you go crazy with your invitations, check with your local postal office to find out size and shape restrictions of envelopes for mailing. Odd sizes may mean more postage, and very odd shapes might just not be accepted at all. Checking beforehand will prevent disaster later when it’s time to get the invitations out.

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Last Updated ( Friday, 03 April 2009 )
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