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Including Children during a Wedding Helps them Feel Involved and Important 


Weddings are mostly focused around adults. But at many weddings, children also attend. Often the bride or groom may have children of their own. Including the children in some of the activities helps make the event fun and memorable for them.

Here are some ideas for including children in the wedding.


In the ceremony


There are several roles for children in the ceremony. Traditional roles include the ring bearer, the flower girl and ushers. Some new roles have begun which include having junior groomsmen and junior bridesmaids. These junior counterparts are involved in much the same way as the older ones are – they stand at the alter during parts of the ceremony, they are part of the wedding party for photos, and they can sit at the main table during the reception. They do not usually go to the adult oriented functions such as wedding showers or bachelor parties.




To involve a child during the wedding ceremony, they can also do a small reading. Only do this for children who are comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. The intention is to get them involved so they will have a positive experience, not to intimidate them or make them nervous.


Holding the Bouquet


Small roles can often be very appreciated by younger children. For example, while the bride is at the altar, she needs somewhere to put her bouquet. Instead of setting it down, one of the kids can hold it for her. Although the task is simple, you can be sure the child will feel special and lucky to be part of the process. Wedding bouquets are beautiful and they will be most likely be admired during the time it is held. Don’t be surprised if a little damage may occur from the small hands. But it is a small price to pay to make a young one happy.


During the Reception:


Disposable Cameras


Give each child a disposable camera and instruct them to take 5 pictures of the people at their table, and the rest of the pictures can be of whatever they want. Let them know that when the pictures get developed, the bride and groom will keep one copy, and one copy will be sent to them as a souvenir of the wedding.


Guest Book Signing Table Helpers


One task that many children will love is to help at the guestbook signing area. A few of the children, usually girls, can be at the table to encourage the other guests to sign the book. They can pass pens out and point out where to sign. It is a great way to both involve the kids and have them meet many family members and friends at the same time. Make sure to give them name tags that include whose children they are so the guests can recognize them, greet them and chat with them.


Activities during the Reception


If small children are invited, consider bringing some wedding related activities for them to do during speeches. A wedding themed coloring book with some crayons is a great way to keep kids occupied and happy while keeping with a wedding theme. Another idea is to buy many sheets of stickers with kid oriented wedding images. Children generally love stickers, and can spend extended periods of time having fun with them.


Mini-Speeches from the Kids


Consider having a small amount of time to invite the children to come up to the microphone and to say something about the bride and/or groom, and what they thought of the wedding. Most kids will only say one or two things, so you can successfully include all the kids over a 10 or 15 minute period.


Whatever way ideas you use to incorporate children into the wedding, you can be sure that they will very much appreciate the effort.




Last Updated ( Monday, 30 March 2009 )
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