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Giving Wedding Favor CD's to Guests is a Personalized and Special Gift that will be Appreciated

Giving CD wedding favors is a great way to provide a personal memorabilia of the wedding to each of your guests. Technology has improved, making it easy and inexpensive to compile a wealth of wonderful keepsake information about the couple.

Make the Wedding CD Easy to Navigate

Before you start diving in, think about everything you’d like to have on the CD. Organize the information into sections. If you include many items on the CD, be sure to include navigation at the startup to allow easy access to different areas of the CD. The more useful the CD is, the more often it will be enjoyed and appreciated. Allow the user to be able to jump to any informational area they wish.

Ideas for a Favor CD

There are a huge number of possibilities of items to put on a wedding guest CD. Here are a few examples:

  • photos of the bride and groom as children
  • story of how they met
  • photos of the couple early in their relationship
  • photos of the family of the bride and groom
  • names and details of the wedding party
  • pictures from the engagement party and showers
  • favorite poems of the couple
  • a copy of the wedding vows recited at the ceremony
  • music played at the ceremony and the first dance (check into copyright laws in your area before including any protected music. Distributing copyrighted music may require special permission or royalties to be paid.)
  • short video clips of the bride and groom thanking the guests for coming to the wedding, expressing their appreciation and love for everyone involved

It won’t be possible to include photos from the actual wedding, of course, since the CDs will have to be produced and printed long before the actual day. However you can include instructions on how to see the wedding pictures. For example, include details of a website address where the photos will be uploaded for guests to see. So not only will the guests enjoy the cd, but they can also have access to photos of themselves and others at the wedding event.


Putting together a cd favor will take some work and planning, but the experience can be rewarding for both the couple and the guests alike.

Last Updated ( Friday, 10 April 2009 )
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