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Wedding Contracts are Vital to Ensure you Receive Everything you were Promised


During your wedding planning, you will have many instances where a contract with a company will be necessary to outline specific details of required services, and to protect you from paying more than is agreed upon. Wedding contracts are important to be written and signed before services are booked.

Here are some sample items which are important to include in the contract:

  • date of contract
  • date and time services will be delivered by
  • cost for services
  • cancellation policy of the company
  • address and contact information of both the company and client
  • contact information of an emergency party in case the bride and groom are unavailable at the time services need to be delivered. Usually a person who was involved with the planning and understands the needs of the day is a good emergency contact.
  • precise location of delivery (for items to be delivered)
  • services or goods to be provided, in full detail. Make sure to include every aspect agreed upon verbally.
  • the payment types the company will accept
  • any deposit details: date and amount of deposit, when remainder of payment is due
  • acceptable substitutions in the event of a shortage of an item
  • rental deposit information and details of when and how the deposit will be returned
  • rental conditions (what is required to get deposit back, etc.)
  • detailed outlining of any extra charges which might be incurred over and above the original amount agreed upon.

Any time a vendor/company promises some extra services or items on top of the original agreement, get it in writing. Just because they mention it doesn’t mean they will remember it. Often the planning takes place many months before the actual wedding date. Make sure to get written confirmation of any extras that are above and beyond the original contract.

Wedding contracts will differ depending on the type of goods or services being offered. A contract made with photographers will include different types of details than a contract made with caterers. If a company provides you with a contract they would like you to sign, ensure that you read all the details very carefully. If the contract doesn’t include enough specific details, don’t be shy about refusing it. You can creating your own and require them to sign it, or if they have a problem with signing yours, then ask them to revise their contract include all the details you need.

Vendors understand the need for outlining specifics. If a company has a problem with putting wedding related contract details in writing, then be wary and look for a company who will.

Wedding planning is so important to lay out ahead of time.  Also read about planning wedding locations.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 01 April 2009 )
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