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Creative Ideas to Make Your Wedding Memorable and Special

Creativity goes a long way in a wedding and reception. Your decorations and favors don’t have to be expensive to impress. People, in general, like to experience new things. Be creative in the way you present your wedding, and it will be the talk of friends for a long time to come.

Here are some simple and inexpensive, yet impressive and memorable wedding ideas.

Self-Serve Wedding Photography

At the reception, have a camera set up on a tripod in front of some chairs. Have a remote for the camera nearby and instruct guests to have a seat and take some pictures of themselves. Not only will your guests think this is a remarkable idea, they will have fun with it and you will have some unique photos of guests in a semi-controlled area. Use several chairs so guests can see that photos of groups are desired as well.

Cake Centerpieces

Have a cake for the centerpiece. Most people expect flowers or candles at reception tables. Create a stir by having a small two tiered cake at every table. The cakes can be decorated very creatively and can be in line with the rest of the theme of your wedding. Not only will they be admired for their beauty, they will be thoroughly enjoyed by all. With a cake at every table, the official wedding cake doesn’t need to be very large. More effort can go into its decoration rather than its size.

Wedding Favors as Place Markers

Wedding favors can double as place markers. Attach a small tag to each favor with a guest’s name on each. Set these at the tables you would like the guests to sit at. Not only is it a creative way to assign seating, there will be no mix-up as to which favor belongs to which guest.

Create an ‘Aisle’ from Flower Petals

For an outdoor wedding, make a ‘green carpet’ by outlining an ‘aisle’ with a row of flower petals on the grass on both sides. This simple but beautiful touch is biodegradable and looks beautiful even if some wind picks the petals up and scatters them somewhat.

Self-Serve Dessert Bar

Some guests may not enjoy the type of wedding cake you choose to serve. Take things one step further and make dessert a delicious and fun treat by having a wedding dessert bar where guests can help themselves to several items such as create-your-own sundaes, different flavors of pies or a large selection of chocolates and squares.

Tie the Meal Napkins with Personalized Wedding Ribbon

Make the reception lunch or dinner tables more special by tying each napkin with ribbon which has been personalized with the name of the couple, or a love themed saying. This small touch goes far in making guests feel as though a great deal of attention was spent on details. Sentimentalists can take the ribbons home to remind them of the special event.

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Last Updated ( Saturday, 09 May 2009 )
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