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Wedding Colors: Tips for Choosing Colors


Your wedding colors should be a reflection of who you are and the styles you like. But with a seemingly endless selection to choose from, how do you decide on the right color themes?


Getting Ideas for Color


It may sound funny, but your local paint store may be one of the best places to start looking for color schemes for your wedding. Go to the paint selection area where you’ll find sample paint strips on paper (the strips are usually free to take home.) Nowadays paint companies provide many great ideas, not only for single color palettes, but also for combinations of complimentary colors which work well together.


Let the Season be your Guide for Wedding Colors


There are general color guidelines to follow for the different seasons. Although ultimately you may be able to pull off a particular color scheme at any time of the year, coordinating with the season can make planning a little easier.


Spring Wedding Colors


Think of early sprouting flora when looking for inspiration for a springtime wedding. The colors of the earth as everything springs to life are perfect for a wedding at this time of year. Sky blue, many shades of green, and flower colors such as pink and orange are good places to start your spring theme color palettes.




Vibrant colors are everywhere in summertime. Bright and colorful purples, blues, oranges and yellows – just about any vibrant color is fair game. Pastels should take a back seat during the summer and they work well used sparingly.


A white base with wonderfully colorful accents makes a beautiful wedding and portrays much joy in life and love.




Many great earthy tones such as browns, eggplant burgundy, grays and mossy greens work well for the fall season, but also add an accent color or two that will really stand out and be complimentary.


Blues combined with greens together with pure white work very well together. Browns can be paired with light pinks or purples. Yellow is a good accent color that goes well with many of the fall earth tones, and goes especially well with gray and white.




Winter wedding colors have two main color group directions. Warm and rich colors such as deep reds, burgundies, navy blues, oranges and rich browns work very well.


The other direction to go in are the outdoor winter inspired colors such as silvers, whites, creams and ice blue. If you desire some contrast, these colors combine very well with black for accents.



Last Updated ( Thursday, 05 March 2009 )
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