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Choose Boys’ Beach Wedding Attire / Clothing to Suit the Occasion

Beach weddings are fun and festive. If you are looking for beach wedding attire for boys, you have many possibilities.

Many levels of sophistication are possible for beach weddings. Some are so casual that practically anything goes, and some are fairly formal. Before looking for boys’ beach wedding clothing, find out what level of formality the wedding is.

The wedding invitations are the first place to get an idea of the type of the beach wedding. Often couples will choose invitations which reflect the feeling of the wedding. For example, if an invitation is very elegant and formal, chances are the wedding will also be that way. Alternatively, if the beach wedding invitation is very casual with images of beach balls and other casual items, chances are the required attire will be quite relaxed.

Ask the Couple

Don’t be afraid to ask the couple how you should dress, especially for weddings that stray from the traditional, (beach weddings definitely fall into this category.) If there is no indication on the invitation, just ask.

Dress for the Day

Weather is unpredictable, on beaches especially. Have two sets of boys wedding clothing prepared: one for hot weather and one for the cool. Many beach weddings are destination weddings, which means that all clothing will need to be packed long ahead of time. Pack for both situations and on the day of the wedding you can decide the best way to go.

For boys, beach wedding clothing can be fun. Shorts are a great choice when paired with a button up shirt.

For more formal weddings, choose shorts which are somewhat dressy. White cotton knee length shorts paired with a white cotton button up shirt provide a look that is comfortable and lightweight yet classy. If a high level of formality is involved, with respect to a beach wedding, try tan colored pants paired with a white shirt with a collar and a navy blue suit jacket. If the weather gets too hot, the jacket can be removed.

Tan colored pants such as chinos also work well for boys for more casual weddings on the beach when the weather is cool. 


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Last Updated ( Thursday, 14 May 2009 )
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