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Planning Event Services for a Wedding in the Backyard of your Home

Having a wedding in your own backyard can be very satisfying. A different type of planning is definitely required for a home wedding than for one at a hall or banquet room.

Instead of relying on a venue to provide many of the services you need, you will be required to bring everything to you.

Once you start planning, you’ll realize there are many facets to consider. Some of the items you will need to think about for a back yard wedding are: seating, food, beverages, dishes to serve the food and beverages in, temporary shelter in case of bad weather, lighting for evening time and decorations. Some extra planning is necessary, but the additional work can be worth it for the experience of having your wedding in a place with memories and meaning.

Make sure not to create extra work for the bride and groom, or to create headaches for the parents. Ensure you cover all the bases so at the end of the day there aren’t hours of clean up or other chores to do. Everyone wants to enjoy the special day without the hassle of worrying about take-down and clean up.

A fantastic resource for locating the wedding services you need in many areas is www.ises.com. The website has a system which helps people locate event related services in their area. The website is easy to use and connects you with professionals close to your location.

Some wedding related examples of the services it connects you to are:

bakeries/wedding cake bakers
beverage services
food staffing and services
equipment rentals
audio-visual suppliers
linen rentals
flowers and plants
portable restrooms
ice sculptors

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Last Updated ( Friday, 24 April 2009 )
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