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wine-wedding-favor-bottle.jpgWine Based Wedding Favors make a Memorable and Appreciated Gift


Wine lovers usually enjoy sharing their love of wine with others. If you fall into this category, or if you are someone just discovering the wonders of wine, consider giving wine themed favors at your wedding.


Bottle of Wine as a Wedding Favor



As obvious as it seems, many people don’t think of giving a bottle of wine as a favor at their wedding. Wine is a wonderful gift to give, because the type of grape, the vineyard, and year of wine can be specially selected by the couple to share their personal taste in wine with their guests. Most guests will enjoy wine, but for those who don’t, sparkling juices and ciders are available to give in place of the wine.


Personalizing the Label


Make an exceptional and memorable favor by giving wine with a personalized wedding label. It doesn’t take any special skill, personalized wine bottles can be easily ordered online. The labels can be personalized in many ways. Many backgrounds are available, and some merchants will allow uploading of a custom image to place on the label.


A customized background along with the wedding details makes a personalized wine wedding favor a special gift.


Wine Bottle Candles


Wine candle wedding favors are another wonderful wine themed favor. These wine favors are actually candles in the shape of a wine bottle. These look wonderful placed on reception tables and are unique gifts which are both useful and novel.


Wine Accessory Favors


If candles or bottles of wine don’t suit you, a whole host of wine accessories are available and suitable for wedding favors.


Some examples are:


  • personalized or heart shaped wine bottle stoppers
  • wine bottle bags
  • personalized wine bags
  • wine boxes
  • wine bottle holders/stands
  • coasters
  • corkscrews


All of the above can be found at Hanson Ellis online.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 03 March 2009 )
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