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Give Wine Glass Wedding Favors to Guests

Wine is sometimes given as favors, but wine glass wedding favors are also great choices to give to guests. Most people enjoy wine, and a special memento wine glass is a gift that can be cherished and used on a regular basis.

Consider giving the type of glass corresponding to the favorite wine of the couple. For example, give a white wine glass wedding favor if the couple enjoys white wine on a regular basis.


Engraving the wine glasses makes the gift just that much more personal. When guests use the glasses in the future, they will always have a reminder of the wedding. There are many possibilities of what to engrave on the glasses; for example, the couple’s names and wedding date; the couple’s names plus a short, tender saying;  the first names of the couple (ie – Dave + Carol) surrounded by a heart; the choices are many.

How to Give the Glasses at the Reception

Opinions differ as to whether guests should use the glasses at the reception, and then take home dirty wine glasses. If you provide the favour wine glasses as the main glasses to drink from at the wedding reception, then the glasses will have wine or other drink residue on them when it comes time for the guests to take them home. This can be a little awkward for guests, and there may be some confusion as to whether they are really supposed to take the glasses home or not.

As an alternative, you can distinguish the wedding favor wine glasses from the glasses to drink from by placing something inside the glass. Something as simple as a note can be placed in each glass, as well as another small gift if desired. For example, place a small, individually wrapped chocolate in each glass.

The note can say “I am a gift to you from (couple’s name). Please take me home after the ceremony.” Or instead, the glasses can be packaged or wrapped to avoid any confusion as to the intended gift.

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 22 April 2009 )
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