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Delicately Shaped Rose Petal Soap Makes a Memorable Wedding Favor


Roses and weddings go hand in hand. Rose petals are often thrown at the couple after the ceremony or at the reception. What more appropriate wedding favor to give than rose petal shaped soap?


If your wedding décor includes roses or has rose colors, rose petal soap favors will fit in perfectly. Available in pink and red, the petals can be scattered on reception tables for a wonderful effect. You can give several of the soap favors packaged together for the main gift or let guests take 1 or 2 home from the tables as an added extra. rose-petals.jpg




To make the rose soaps more special, you can even personalize each petal with the name of the bride and groom or a short message.


Affordable Cost


Besides being a unique and wonderful wedding favor to give, costs are very reasonable. Costs per petal usually range from 50 cents to one dollar each.


Soap a Universal Gift


Everyone uses soap, so these favors will come in handy to your guests. You may find that some guests won’t actually use the soap, but will keep them for their sentimental value.


Rose Scented


A nice feature of many of these soaps is their delicate rose scent. The aroma adds a pleasant atmosphere while washing, and may trigger memories of the wedding as well.


Use the Extras in your Own Home


If you have extra petals left over after the reception, they make great soaps to place in the main and guest bathrooms.


If you have trouble finding these at local stores, you can find them near the bottom of the page on the section.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 08 March 2009 )
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