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Make your Own Wedding Favors: Homemade favors can be easy and fun to make


Many wedding favors can be made rather than bought, whether the purpose is to save money or to provide something special to guests. If you are considering making your own wedding favors, here are some ideas to consider.


Homemade Candle Wedding Favors


Candle making is a craft that can easily be learned. Many types of candle favor gifts are relatively easy to make, such as:


  • -Jar candles
  • -Dipped candles
  • -Shaped candles made with molds


Add a tag to each with your wedding details and with the words ‘lovingly handmade’, so guests know you personally made the candles.


Homemade Food Wedding Favors


Food has been a traditional favor to give since the times of fruitcake and candied almonds. Take things into modern times with tasty and easy to make special candy favors.


Chocolate Almond Bark


A little bit of effort goes a long way in making impressive chocolate bark favors. Simply melt white chocolate and dark chocolate in different pots, and then alternately pour the white and dark chocolates over a pan of toasted almonds until the nuts are covered. Draw a butter knife gently over the top layer in several spots to give the top layer a neat effect. Let cool and set overnight and that’s it! You’ve got a swirled chocolate sensation. Simply break into pieces and package.


If you budget allows, consider using high quality chocolate such as Callebaut for the bark.


Personalized Cookies


Creative cookie decorating makes personalized cookies a wonderful choice for homemade wedding favors.


You can choose a shape that has meaning for the bride and groom, or choose a traditional wedding shape such as wedding bells, hearts or cupids.


The icing and decorations are the fun part. You can make your cookies elegant, whimsical, comical, and bright; whatever style you like. Guests will appreciate the effort and time it took to create a detailed and delicious cookie.


Your wedding details are fun to put on the cookies, but not essential. If you would rather have a wedding favor cookie with no writing, that’s fine too. The sky is the limit and you have creative control. If you choose, you can even make a different cookie for every guest. The time involved would be considerably higher than standardizing the cookies, but the individualized cookie favors would likely invoke much talk at the reception.


Cookies should last for several days without losing quality, so you can make these a few days ahead of the wedding.


For other inexpensive wedding favor ideas, read on  rose petal soap wedding favors as well as bamboo plant favors


Last Updated ( Thursday, 12 March 2009 )
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