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Chrome Based Wedding Favors with the Shape of a Heart

Heart shaped wedding favors are always popular, and chrome adds a bright and celebratory shine. Chrome heart wedding favors are a great choice to give to guests.

You are not limited to choosing from only one or two items. There are many types of chrome plated heart favors for weddings on the market. Chrome is great because it can be incorporated into many useful items.

When trying to decide what kind of chrome heart shaped favor you’d like to give, consider the many types available:

  • Chrome wine bottle stopper with a heart shaped symbol on top
  • Heart shaped chrome salt and pepper shakers
  • Chrome heart compact mirror which can be engraved

(The above mentioned items are available at weddingfavors-smart.com)

  • Chrome wine corkscrew opener
  • Chrome heart letter opener
  • Chrome Victorian heart bottle opener

(The above items are available at weddingfavorsemporium.com)

Other metallic based heart favors. If you can’t find what you are looking for in chrome, there are many other metal favors in the shape of hearts. A few examples:

  • Heart shaped cookie cutters
  • Heart shaped measuring spoons in stainless steel
  • Heart shaped tin keepsake containers

Other favors you can read about: Wine Glasses Wedding Favors, Handmade Soap Wedding Favors.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 22 April 2009 )
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