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Give Charitable Donations as Wedding Favors to Help Make a Difference

If you are looking for a meaningful and different wedding favor, consider giving a charitable donation in lieu of a gift. With the hustle and bustle of planning and the large amount of money often being spent on a typical wedding, it’s great to bring the real world into the play. A positive influence can be made on the world at the same time you celebrate your wonderful commitment to each other.

Choosing a Wedding Charity

With so many charities around, how do you choose one to support for your favors? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • look at local charities that can make a difference in your neighborhood
  • consider charities related to your profession
  • child related charities such as supporting sport or breakfast programs
  • charities promoting ecological ‘green’ ways of life

The above charities all concentrate on making a positive difference in the world. Because a wedding is a time to focus on a wonderful future, many couples prefer to avoid charities related to sensitive issues or those which might bring up sad memories. However, if it is important to the couple to support a charity which focuses on something such as health related charities that support a health issue affecting a loved one, then the personal feelings can be high enough for them to feel comfortable bringing up a sensitive issue.

Ways to Deliver a Charitable Wedding Favor to Guests

Create an attractive note to put on each guests’ place settings at the reception with the details of the donation. They can take the special note home to remind them of how a difference was made in the world.

Combination of a Small Favor Plus a Charitable Donation

If you would still like to give something physically to each person as well as give a donation, there are many ideal favors for great prices. A single chocolate wrapped in cellophane, a few rose petal soap favors, a small decorative candle, there are many favors which would compliment a charity wedding favor perfectly.

Last Updated ( Monday, 13 April 2009 )
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