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Bamboo Plants make Excellent Wedding Favors


Giving bamboo plants for wedding favors provides a unique and interesting gift for loved ones to take home. Whether you want to give bamboo for the symbolism, or because they are a beautiful and intriguing plant, many couples choose this wonderful gift.


Tender Loving Carebamboo_wedding_favor.jpg


Caring for bamboo shoots and plants is relatively easy. Instructions differ depending on how the plant is kept (in soil or in water), and what species it is. Some varieties can actually survive and grow with nothing but water and a sunny area. A little plant food in the water now and then will help to speed up growth, but is not always necessary. Medium sized rocks are usually used in the container to hold the bamboo in place. These allow the roots to grow unhindered while providing support to the stalk.


If you have children coming to the wedding, consider giving them the plant shoots that grow in water alone. Even if you want to give the adults full plants in soil, give special shoot plants for the children because they will be amazed at how these plants grow without dirt. They can easily care for the plants themselves once they get them home.


Bamboo Favor Choices


Slight variations in leaves and colors occur in different bamboo varieties. Choose the type that will best go with your wedding décor. Leaves can be thin or wide; colors range from dark green to light; leaves can be a single color or have stripes or textures.


Once you’ve made the decision to go with bamboo plants for wedding favors, the fun part begins. You’ve got a huge number of choices.


Styles of Bamboo for Favorsspiral-bamboo-favors.jpg


  • straight bamboo shoots in water
  • straight shoots potted in soil
  • curvy (spiral) shoots in water
  • curvy (spiral) shoots potted in soil
  • multiple straight shoots of different lengths in water
  • multiple straight shoots in soil
  • curvy shoots in water
  • curvy shoots in soil


The shoots can be given with almost no leaves, but it generally looks more impressive to give plants with green, healthy leaves.


Customize the Container to your Wedding Theme


Once you’ve picked a type of plant to give, you can have a lot of fun choosing the container/pot. You can be as creative as you like in matching the container to the theme of your wedding.


Glass Square Vase with Rocks and Bamboo


For an earthy contemporary theme, small square glass vases with garden-style rocks holding 2 or 3 bamboo shoots tied together make a wonderful wedding favor. Change the rocks to clear or colored round decorative glass marbles to create a more modern look. The marble color can be coordinated with your décor.


Some of our favorite flat marble colors are clear, white and transparent sky blue. Rounded Glass Vases work equally as well for a softer look.


Asian Bamboo Shaped Ceramic Vases


Specially designed ceramic vases are available which have the same general shape as bamboo. These are made to hold bamboo shoots, and are perfect for giving as favors.


Traditional Asian White Vases with Blue Designs


Whether you are doing a soil potted plant or one with just water, you can go traditional with a beautiful white china ceramic container.


The choices are many. You can truly personalize the bamboo wedding favor to suit both your wedding and your personality.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 24 February 2009 )
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